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NameAN WhatsApp
Operating SystemAndroid
App CategorySocial Media
Size77.5 MB
Latest Versionv38
RequirementsAndroid 4+
DeveloperAmmar ALawadi

Introduction to ANWhatsApp

Who wouldn’t want to Use Whatsapp that have a lot more awesome features than the original Whatsapp doesn’t have? AN WhatsApp is the best and most popular version of WhatsApp Plus. The original version of Whatsapp doesn’t have as many features as ANWhatsapp provides you to enjoy the app and make your chatting experience fantastic. 

That’s why a large number of people love to use AN Whatsapp. It is an alternative to the original WhatsApp by Arabic developer Ammar Al Awadi. After downloading AN Whatsapp App Latest Version, you will realize why people choose ANWhatsapp instead of the original Whatsapp. 

In ANwhatsapp, you can easily change your chat background, Interface and also customize and add internal and external elements. It has many other features that we have written below. In arabic countries, people call it “WhatsApp ammar al-awadi”. AN WhatsApp apk has 10 Different superior versions.

All the versions have different features from each other. You can download any version of ANWhatsapp that you love to use from this page. Ready to know its stunning features? If so, let’s move forward.

ANWhatsapp. Alternative to WhatsApp

Nowadays, everybody uses whatsapp for their work and other purposes, but most teenagers use whatsapp to talk with their relatives and friends. If you don’t feel better using the original whatsapp and you get bored while chatting because there are no interesting features in the original whatsapp. 

Now it’s time to enhance your chatting experience and enjoy chatting with your friends. All the simple features that exist in the original whatsapp are available in AN Whatsapp app because it is an alternative to the original whatsapp, but ANWhatsapp provides pretty much more features than the original.

The new features of ANWhatsapp enable you to send large size of videos and documents. In addition, there are stunning themes and beautiful fonts that really enhance your chatting experience. You can also download other android apps from APK YP for free.

The good thing is that ANWhatsapp is free of cost, but you will need to ANWhatsapp update when its new update comes. You will see more features after every anwhatsapp update. AN whatsapp download apk now and shock your friends. This app can be utilized on both PCs and desktop computers.

ANWhatsapp Latest Version APK V38

Download the latest version of AN WhatsApp

The AN Whatsapp download was developed by Ammar AL Awadi, and he updated ANWhatsapp in April 2024, which is the latest updated version so far. It has tons of features that don’t exist in the original whatsapp. The user’s profile is fully customizable in this app and provides more privacy than the original whatsapp provides.

Multiple Whatsapp accounts can be run on your mobile. It is compulsory to enable advanced settings in your mobile phone’s settings. ANWhatsapp doesn’t exist on the Google Play store; only web browsers allow you to download this app. In ANWhatsapp, you can pin more than 3 chats, and you have more access to privacy in this app.

First, you have to delete the original whatsapp to download this app. You will see a golden theme after creating an account on this app. That’s why most people call it “AN Golden Whatsapp.” You can also back up your chats in this app.

Difference between WhatsApp and aNWhatsApp

FeatureAN WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Dark theme✔️✔️
Editable msg✔️✔️
Auto reply✔️
Customizable themes✔️
Larger files✔️
Status download✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Deleted message visible✔️
Hide forward tag✔️
Chat lock✔️
Hide Chats✔️

Screenshots of ANWhatsApp

Reply Automatically

Now it’s time to talk about its amazing features. Auto reply is the most useful and important feature for people who are usually busy. By enabling this feature, you can automatically reply to messages without seeing when someone texts you. 

This feature also works even if you are offline. This feature is especially for busy people like businessmen. This feature is very useful for businessmen as they are usually busy with their work, and they can reply to their customers by customizing this feature.

The good thing is that ANWhatsapp and whatsapp plus(another very good whatsapp version), both alternatives are free of cost, but you will need to update whenever the new update comes. The reason is to shock your friends and enjoy new features after every update of both whatsapp versions. These updates can be utilized on both PCs and desktop computers.

Send Larger Files

AN Whatsapp app crosses the limit; that’s why it isn’t an official app. One of its limit breakings is that it allows you to send 60 images at the same time. The matter doesn’t end here. It also allows you to send huge files and documents without facing any problems. 

Now it’s time to say “see you” to official whatsapp and come into the world of AN Whatsapp. Enjoy by sending hours of videos without any restriction.

Status Download

When you see that your friends are uploading attractive statuses and their reach is increasing day by day. You also want reach like them, but you don’t know where from do they download such statuses. Here’s the solution to this problem provided by AN Whatsapp download. Now, open the desired status that you want to download.

Hit the downloading button that is at the bottom right, and the status will be downloaded to your phone’s gallery without knowing them. Now you can use that downloaded status wherever you want. This feature is liked by most people, and it’s true that most people download ANWhatsapp just for this purpose. 

Editable Sent Messages

I bet this feature will help you a lot. Here’s how. Now you send a message to your friend, and after 1 or 2 sec, you think that “Oh man! I shouldn’t sent this type of message”. You can edit that message immediately.

Touch and hold to your desired message, touch on the three dots at the top right, and tap on edit. Now you can easily edit your message without knowing them.


The feature that I personally love. Yes, you hear right. By using other 3rd party whatsapps like GBwhatsapp, FMwhatsapp, or BLUEwhatsapp, there is a chance that you will get your account banned.

But your account may not get banned by using ANWhatsapp. Because ANWhatsapp provides you with security, too, enjoy the app without any fear of banning your important account and complete peace of mind.

Let me tell you again that it’s not confirmed that you will never get banned, it is possible. If you get banned by official WhatsApp, I will not be responsible for that.

Hidden Blue Tick

Hide Blue Tick. The feature that you are gonna use. Suppose your friend asks you a question, and you have to explain that question’s answer deeply. You are too busy at that time, and you want to answer it later, but by mistake, you click that chat. Now if you don’t answer then your friend might get angry with you. 

With this feature, you can hide that blue tick, and if you open the chat by mistake and see the message, your friend will not be able to see the blue tick. Such an amazing feature, right?

Hidden Second Tick

We just talked about how you can hide blue tick, but here’s a funny feature. After activating the hide second tick feature, your friend will think that you are offline even if you have seen the message. Isn’t it funny? 😀

Deleted Messages Visible

Once you activate this mind-blowing feature, you will be able to uncover the deleted message. Most people anwhatsapp download for this feature. If your friend sends you a message and “delete for everyone” immediately, then you will still be able to see the message. For this, you don’t have to enable any settings. 

This feature works by default. In official whatsapp, if someone deletes message for everyone, then there’s written “This message has been deleted,” but AN Whatsapp download shows you the deleted message. That’s why it’s unofficial, and people can’t stop loving this app.

Hidden Forward Tag

Suppose your teacher answered one of your questions, and your friend asked you the same question. Now if you forward your teacher’s message, then it shows your friend that you didn’t know the answer and you also asked someone else. 

Using this feature of ANWhatsapp, you can forward any message without knowing that you forwarded it. Personally, this feature can help you look cool in front of your friends.

Customizable Themes

Naturally, a human gets sick of using and seeing the same thing for a long time. You may also get bored of using the same green WhatsApp. It’s time to change your theme + mood ;). AN Whtasapp provides you with a bunch of different colored themes that you can change whenever you want. 

Not just the theme, man! You can change the color of any element you want too. In the presence of this feature, your whatsapp is fully customizable.

Emoji Variants

Emojis are used to express emotions on WhatsApp or anywhere else online. And I am pretty sure that you also use emojis while talking to someone you know, isn’t it? Okay, that’s fine you use emojis but do you think that you can change the whole experience of using emojis?

AN WhatsApp allows you to use any variants of emojis you love. Such as you can use Facebook emojis, iOS emojis, old emojis and others. Personally, I like the iOS emojis on Android. iPhone’s emojis are sharp and more pretty. I would suggest you first give iOS emojis a go and then try others.

After selecting one of these, you’ll be using emojis even where you don’t need them. 😅 Because you’re gonna love it.

Chats Lock

If your friends take your mobile from you and do some wrong activity on your whatsapp or send the wrong messages to someone from your mobile, ANWhatsapp provides you with its solution. You can lock the chats of your loved ones or your elders. 

From the setting of the app, you can also lock the app. Your privacy and security can be increased by enabling this feature. Your friends will be wondered how you did that. Let’s shock them 😀

Reject Calls automatically

Suppose any unknown person or the person you know is teasing you by calling again and again when you are at work. In that case, you can automatically reject those calls by enabling reject video and audio calls automatically. At that time, you will realize how beneficial the feature is.

Schedule Messages

We can call this feature a time saver feature because it really saves your time. Here’s how. Let’s say you are a businessman and are always busy communicating with many people at the same time. By utilizing the schedule messages feature, your reply will send automatically when someone sends messages. 

It can save you precious time. You will need to compose a message and save it. This feature works even if you are not active on the app. It will help you a lot when you are in a meeting, and your replies will be sent to people automatically. 

Last seen Freezable

Your contacts will be unable to view your last active status on WhatsApp once you have enabled this feature. This feature is very helpful for youngsters. This can be very helpful if you want to maintain a good level of privacy about your online presence.

In the original version of WhatsApp, when people see that you were online a few minutes ago, they expect a response within seconds. By enabling this feature, one cannot expect quick responses to unnecessary queries or texts.

Hidden Chats

The hidden chats feature is loved by a lot of AN Whatsapp users. Using this feature, you can secure your chat by hiding the chat whose chat you want to secure. By hiding your desired chat, nobody has access to the chat except you. 

Sometimes, you may receive messages you do not want others to see, especially if they are personal or sensitive. Hiding such chats ensures that you can keep them discreet.

You will have to set a PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint lock to hide the chats and to access the chats. You will need to enter the pin. Without entering a pin or pattern, you won’t have access to the hidden chats. 

Get in touch with support for Any Issues

If you face any problem while using this app or you want to suggest something that they should make into this app, then you can contact them on their telegram channel. They may help you with your problem, and If they like your suggestion, they may add new features in their next updated version. But, still, I don’t surely say that they will respond to you and assist you. They might not.

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ANWhatsapp apk is an alternative to the original WhatsApp made by Ammar AL Awadi. In AN Whatsapp download, Advance Network is the full form of AN. It is an unofficial whatsapp due to it’s developed by a third party developer.

It’s true that it is illegal because it is an unofficial app, but still, you can use it effortlessly, as your account will never ever get banned. So what’s the problem with using this app? Don’t panic; just use and chill 😉

This is just for Android users, and if you download it on iPhone, it won’t run on your iPhone because it is an APK file, and iPhone doesn’t support APK files.

Yes, using ANWhatsapp you can send messages to those people who are using the official version of whatsapp. 

Certinatily! Once you download and install this app now, you can completely customize your profile. And it’s pretty easy to use.

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