AN Whatsapp VS GB Whatsapp, Which one is the Best


AN WhatsApp Apk is the best and most popular version of WhatsApp Plus, having grateful features. The original version of Whatsapp doesn’t have as many features as ANWhatsapp provides you to chill the app and give a boost to your chatting experience to the next level. 

That’s why a large number of people love to use AN Whatsapp. It is an antiban and alternative to the standard WhatsApp created by Arabic developer Ammar Al Awadi.

After downloading AN Whatsapp Apk Latest Version, you will realize why people choose ANWhatsapp instead of the standard Whatsapp. 

In ANWhatsapp, you can easily change your chat background, Interface and also customize and add internal and external elements. ANWhatsapp allows you to send large size of videos and documents.

In addition, there are attractive themes and beautiful fonts that really enhance your chatting experience.

What is AN Whatsapp?

The AN Whatsapp was developed by Ammar AL Awadi, and he updated ANWhatsapp in February 2024, which is the latest updated version til now. It has hundreds of features that don’t exist in the standard version of whatsapp.

In this app, you have complete control to customize your profile, and it offers enhanced privacy compared to the original WhatsApp.

Multiple Whatsapp accounts can be run on your one device. It is compulsory to enable advanced settings in your mobile phone’s settings. ANWhatsapp can’t be found on the Google Play store; only web browsers enable you to download this app.

In ANWhatsapp, you can pin more than 3 chats and have more access to privacy.

First, you have to delete the standard whatsapp to install this app. You will see a golden theme once you have created an account on this app. That’s why most people call it “AN Golden Whatsapp.” You can also back up your chats in this app.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is also an Enhanced version of whatsapp. All the Enhanced and alternative versions of whatsapp are unofficial, including GB Whatsapp. It possesses many extra features if we compare it to the standard version of whatsapp.

In the whole world, 2.7 billion people use the standard version of whatsapp, but 80% to 90% of people don’t know about the presence of GB Whatsapp.

If they get to know the features of alternate versions of whatsapp, then they will surely download either GB Whatsapp or AN Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp also offers you many customization options.

It is developed by a third party. It also offers you to send large files, hide your online presence, hide typing status, and use multiple accounts on this single app.

Features of AN Whatsapp

Auto Reply:

Auto reply is the most useful and important feature for people who usually remains busy. By enabling this feature, you can automatically reply to messages without seeing when someone texts you. 

Larger files:

One of the limit-breaking features of AN Whatsapp is that it allows you to send 60 images and thousands of MBs of files at the same time.

Download status:

Downloading status feature is liked by most people, and it’s true that most people download ANWhatsapp just for this purpose.


Your account will never get banned by using ANWhatsapp as it provides you with security of high level.

Deleted message visible:

Once you activate this mind-blowing feature, you will be able to uncover the deleted message, and it will be visible to you.

Hide forward tag:

By the use of this feature of ANWhatsapp, you can forward any message without knowing anyone that you forwarded it.

Features of GB Whatsapp

Customizable themes:

Both AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp provide you with a feature of a customizable theme. Which you can download in the app.

Download status:

Downloading status feature is liked by most people, and it’s true that most people download GB Whatsapp just for this purpose.

Application lock:

GB Whatsapp provides you with the lock app feature. Using this feature, you can lock the app from its settings.

Larger files:

One of the features of GB Whatsapp is that it allows you to send 60 images and thousands of MBs of files at the same time.


As you know, it is a third-party tool, but it provides you with enhanced security to protect the data of its users. 

Auto reply:

Auto reply feature also exists in GB Whatsapp. The working of this feature is the same in both AN whatsapp and GB whatsapp.

Difference between GB Whatsapp and AN Whatsapp

FeatureGB WhatsappAN Whatsapp
Auto reply✔️✔️
Larger File✔️✔️
Golden theme✔️
Status Download✔️✔️
Multiple acc✔️✔️
Best design✔️

Do both of these apps have similarities?

The answer is Yes. Many of the same features exist in both of these Enhanced versions of whatsapp. But there are some features that don’t exist in GB Whatsapp but exist in AN Whatsapp only. One of the main similarities between these apps is that both of these are Enhanced versions.

Customization, Privacy features, Additional features, official updates, and source of downloading of these apps are only web browsers, these are similarities in both apps. GB Whatsapp may have some security risks.

One notable aspect is the presence of additional features not available in the official WhatsApp. ANWhatsApp, for example, might offer exclusive features not found in GBWhatsApp as different developers or communities create these Enhanced versions of WhatsApp.


In summary, both GB WhatsApp and AN WhatsApp are well-liked versions of regular WhatsApp. They give users more cool things to do and ways to make it their own.

While they share many similarities as Enhanced versions, AN WhatsApp stands out with its unique features, such as the “Anti-Ban” feature, larger file-sending capabilities, the “Golden theme,” and other exclusive elements. 

These apps are obtained only through web browsers due to their unofficial nature. However, it is a must to get knowledge about potential security risks, especially about GB Whatsapp.

Users should exercise caution and prioritize using official messaging apps to ensure the best security and user experience.


AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are custom versions of regular WhatsApp made by other people, not the official creators.

AN WhatsApp has unique features like “Anti-Ban,” larger file-sending capabilities, and a “Golden theme.” At the same time, GB WhatsApp also provides customization and privacy features but lacks the “Anti-Ban” feature.

While both apps share some common features like customizable themes, status downloads, and auto-reply, there are several key differences. AN WhatsApp offers an “Anti-Ban” feature, a “Golden theme,” and the ability to send larger files, which are not present in GB WhatsApp.

Additionally, AN WhatsApp is designed to be lightweight and has a better overall design compared to GB WhatsApp.

Sure, both AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp let you use many accounts on just one device.

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