How to Download and Install OG WhatsApp?

How to Downlaod and Install OG WhatsApp

OG Whatsapp is a modified version of original Whatsapp with many additional features. OG Whatsapp is a user-friendly application meeting the demands of the users. A number of people hesitate weather OG WhatsApp is a safe application or not and the others find its features ambiguous. Today, we will help you comprehend OG Whatsapp completely.

OG Whatsapp is a wonderful application for those who love adventures and seek innovations. Get a complete guide by reading this article and give OG WhatsApp a chance. This content is based on our personal research and experience.

Remarkable features of OG Whatsapp

OG WhatsApp provides a great number of amazing features that usually the standard WhatsApp lacks. You will be astonished by the remarkable features of OG WhatsApp if you are a standard WhatsApp user and want to swim into a deep pool of exciting and thrilling features. Let’s have a look at them:

Communicate with the unsaved numbers:

Previously it was sometimes problematic to save the contacts and then send them messages or call them specially when you  are in a hurry. But this issue is resolved with the OG WhatsApp. Communicate with the world without adding the numbers to your contact list.

Anti-delete feature:

Enabling this feature allows you to see the messages of the sender even after he deletes them. It is one of the fantastic features of OG WhatsApp which pulls you out of the unending curiosity. Isn’t it an amazing feature.

In-app customization:

Are you bored of the regular font style? This feature offers great customization of your choice including the font variability. You can also change the background, set different themes, and the app embellishments, enhancing the overall app appearance.

Message scheduling and Auto-reply:

OG WhatsApp offers you the message scheduling feature. Schedule your message to be sent later. Auto-reply feature provides the automatic replies. Enable this feature when you are at your workplace or busy at something.

Privacy and security:

  • Hide your blue ticks using this application
  • Hide last seen but you can see others’ last seen
  • OG WhatsApp shares large documents without data loss
  • Enable the app-lock for additional protection
  • OG WhatsApp is an anti-ban application
  • You can also hide your online status.

How to install OG WhatsApp?

Here is a step by step guide to install OG WhatsApp:

  • Download the OG WhatsApp from a trustworthy website.
  • Check the download folder and get the application
  • Install the application on your device
  • Get registered by adding the number
  • Customize your app, set a profile and enjoy the application

Why to choose OG WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become an inevitable application for the past few years. It is the most trusted application because of its privacy and protected features like end-to-end encryption. But the official WhatsApp is devoid of the rising demands of the users. This is what has promoted OG WhatsApp in the market.

OG WhatsApp with a long list of fantastic features is now one of the most used applications. This platform is not a user-friendly platform but also ensures the safety and the privacy of the users. This application doesn’t lead to any harm or security risks.

Feel free to download this application through our website. A number of websites provide you the downloading option but pick a secure and efficient website to download OGWhatsApp.

What’s more to grab?

Broad overview of OG WhatsApp is not a single article to introduce you with the OG WhatsApp. Our Website has many more for you regarding this topic. We have tried hard to cover all the aspects of OG WhatsApp to let you know everything about the OG WhatsApp.

Wrapping it up:

This was a broad overview of OG WhatsApp. Give a fair shot to OG WhatsApp and then submit your remarks. We will recommend you not to pay attention to the rumors and experience the app on your own. OG WhatsApp being a third-party app will be up to your expectations and you will no longer get disappointed by the typical features of WhatsApp.

The developers of OG WhatsApp introduce the regular updates in the application with the increasing innovations of today so it is an app worth using.

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